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The Best Teething Toy Ever....

April 09, 2015

As the founders of Little Trendsetter we commit ourselves to bringing you the most unique and practical kids products out there all to one place and that place is !  If there was one must-have product that caught our eyes at the Kids show last month it was the amazing Neckerchew made by the highly creative Cheeky Chompers brand.  Of course, as little trendsetter stylists our first thought was "Will the bib compliment the outfit?" YES!!!  We can confidently say that these scarf style bibs are not only as fashionable as ever but more importantly they have the neatest little chewing rubber triangle at the bottom that we know your little teether is going to cherish!!  For those of you that are as tired as we are re-sanitizing dropped teething toys this is the bib for you!!!

The best part of all, when you buy one of these bad boys you're actually getting two bibs in one- The fact that they're reversible gives you a solid side and a pattern on the reverse.  Now- my personal biggest pet peeve- a flimsy thin bib that is soaked within the first 15 minutes you get it on your little guy or girl....what's the point? This is one of the reasons we just adore this 3 layer bib!!  Super absorbent as can be and 100% super soft jersey cotton for our most sensitive trendsetters too!

Oh yeah, we also love the fact that The Neckerchew is the brainchild of two Edinburgh mumpreneurs, Julie Wilson and Amy Livingstone, who got the idea for the product while on maternity leave with their first children. BRILLIANT!

Teething is one of the key stages that seems to last forever in some little ones. Teething symptoms differ from baby to baby, but it’s important to recognise the signs in your own child and find the best methods to soothe them. Easily identifiable symptoms include excessive dribbling, gnawing, chewing, flushed cheeks, reddened gums, restlessness, irritability, reduced appetite and disturbed sleep may follow, so keep an eye out for these! 


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