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Spring Fashionable Trends for Baby Girl Clothes

April 15, 2015

With the spring firmly upon us we set out to find the most fashionable trends in baby girl clothes for this season. The results of our exploits showed us that pastels and prints are the rage of this season. It’s hardly surprising seeing how dull and bleak winters can be.

To make your precious darling a real little trendsetter you’ll need to buy some elegant pastel outfits. Mint green, peach, ivory, and the softest pink hues will brighten up your beloved daughter’s wardrobe and make her fit right in with the awakening and blooming nature outside. Our Little Trendsetter online kids clothing boutique offers beautiful elegant dresses and shirts in these amazing colors. There are also some fab tiered skirts for little princesses who want to look as it they’re floating on a soft cloud.


Jeans are always in style with skinny type being the most popular this spring.Your baby girl wearing a pair of skinny jeans with a cool printed t-shirt and some carefully chosen bright accessories is sure to stand out. Trendy is one way to call this look, but we prefer fabulous. After all, everything that makes people around you see what a wonderful child you are blessed with is worth its weight in gold. Luckily, you won’t need to empty out your savings account to buy a few fabulous and fashionable new outfits for your darling princess. Little Trendsetter offers the most stylish clothes for very affordable prices to ensure that all parents have a chance to dress up their precious little girls.

Bold prints of any kind is another spring kids fashion trend you don’t want to miss out on. Be it floral, tribal, or geometric design doesn’t matter in the least as long as it’s bold, bright and beautiful.

Don’t forget that it’s accessories that complete an outfit. Baby girl clothing designers definitely remember this, so this spring you have plenty of stylish options to choose from. There is everything from knitted caps, to bold sunglasses, and beautiful printed neckerchews for the littlest trendsetters. Bags are in a league of their own among fashionable spring trends as you will definitely notice from the selection of these very items available in our store.

We at little trendsetter are determined to bring the latest kid fashion news to you, so follow our updates for new trends!