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Make a Valentine's Day Date With Your Kids!

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Stuck at home this year on Valentines Day with the kids? No sitter, no problem! Pass up that over crowded restaurant with bad service and spend the night at home having a blast with your Little Trendsetter! Here are some fun V-day ideas to spend the special night with the kids at home.

  1. Be Crafty! Kids love Valentines Day crafts. You and your Little Trendsetter can make Valentines Day hearts, cards or clip art. There are so many different options that are sure to be fun for both of you. Check out for some absolutely adorable Valentines Day craft ideas for kids and adults.
  2. Bake Off. There’s nothing more delicious then some Valentines Day sweets! Bake cookies and other treats and use the icing to write special messages on them. Your Little Trendsetter will love getting involved in the baking process and will have so much fun! Check out this site for some delicious recipes
  3. Get Fruity. If you want to avoid late night sugar over load, grab some of nature’s desert. Use some Valentines Day themed cookie cutters to chop up some fruit. Or dip some strawberries in some chocolate. Nutritious and Delicious! Check out this site for some inspiration
  4. Movie Night! Pop the popcorn and pick a family friendly movie and cuddle in front of the fireplace. Movie night is always a hit!
  5. Dinner Date Night. Get your kids involved in preparing dinner. We promise that not only will they have tons of fun but they may even learn to appreciate your hard work!


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