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A Kidchella to Rememba!

A Kidchella to Rememba!

September 22, 2016

Looking for the perfect spring or summer birthday party theme? Consider a Kidchella festival for your little one.  Whether it's for a boy, a girl, or one of each we found this theme to be gender neutral and lots of fun to plan! Oh- it was also fairly easy to put together too...our outdoor festival was to celebrate Darian's 1st and Haven's 2nd birthday. 
This write up will give you all the details on how to put together a Kidchella of your own in little or no time!  Let me get into the details of our Kidchella festival thrown late August at a park in Santa Monica, CA.  
The Sugar
This sweet table was one of the focal points of the party, pretty simple but well thought out!  We think we chose the perfect Duo to help us with the baked goods.
Susan's Sweets (Instagram profile @susans_sweets) made the cakes, yes cakes, cause we had three. One was a joint cake, in addition we made sure each kid had their own personalized 8"round cake.  We still can't get over that yellow VW bus cake topper, PERFECTION! 
Susan worked closely with Traci of Just a Bite Creations (Instagram profile @justabitecreations) who baked and decorated the cookies to complement the cake design. Not only are they gorgeous but they tasted amazing as well. 
Those lollipop arrangements completed the look!  We picked up the fun lollipops at a wholesale candy store and arranged them in wooden baskets. In order to get them to stand up nicely we poked them into styrofoam cubes hidden nicely in the wooden crates. We used multi colored paper confetti to cover the visible foam.
Here's a tip: when looking for decorative wooden items make sure to search for bargains at your local craft store! These two were picked up in the clearance section at
our local Michael's store for over 80% off retail. 
The Props
We can't thank Teak & Lace enough for helping us with all of the fabulous rentals. What do we love about them? They're able to provide unique kids rentals and even have decorations available to rent! The best thing about this company is that they have "themed" rentals.  Everything from fancy kids sized table and chair sets to teepees, decorative streamers AND even table top decor.  
Here's a tip: If and when you can, minimize the number of vendors you work with for each event. In other words, minimize the time spent planning!
The Food
Now since this was a birthday party for two kids we had a lot of guests! The easiest way to feed a lot of guests is with a food truck. We chose The Habit. Burgers, tri-tip, fries, onion rings and chicken nugget meals for the kiddos. Simple but delicious. 
The Dessert
Aside from the delicious cake and cookies we had to make sure we kept our Southern Californians cool with some delicious  creamy and fruity popsicles. 
Front Porch Pops had an amazing selection and showed up to the park with their own cart ready to serve. This cart was so awesome it even had a section with melted chocolate to dip your popsicle as well as toppings for all.
They were so thoughtful that they even offered some "adult" selections. Yaaaaas- BOOZIE POPS! The Mojito pop was a crowd favorite. 
The Entertainment 
What is a Kidchella without a popular band playing all their popular hits.  Let us assure you, The Beat Buds know how to bring down the house!
These guys are not easy to book (cause they're that great) but once you lock them in rest assured they'll put on a good show.  The best part- all ages enjoy the show!
We also had a hair braider to give the gals a boho look and picked a park with a splash pad just in case some kids were bored.
The older kids took advantage of the DIY Kidchella t-shirt station we had set up. They used fabric paint and metallic spray paints to customize their own T-shirts to take home. Also a big hit!
The Swag Bags
In addition to the DIY tee's we created a convenient station for the kiddos to make their own "swag bags". Hackey Saks,  KIDCHELLA sunglasses, VW bug candy dispensers, LED rings and beach balls were just a few of the choices. 
The most important thing:  THE KIDS HAD A BLAST and the fashion was on point! Here are a few shots of the little ones peacing it out at the festival while keeping it real :)
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Kidchella Photography courtesy of Chasing Pleasures Photography
Instagram @chasing_pleasures

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