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When it Comes to Children Fashion Trends... When Did My Toddler Start Having an Opinion?

It’s the day every mother dreads- the day your toddler starts choosing his or her own outfits. While we would like to wish that all kids are aware of Children’s Fashion Trends and want to wear unique clothing. The sad reality is that many of our tots want to sport a t-shirt or dress that advertises their favorite princess or cartoon character everyday. Exhibit A, my daughter in one of her favorite costumes!



This is the scene in my house: My rambunctious two year old wakes up, runs to her closet and immediately begins negotiations to wear her favorite princess dress. When I advise her that a ball gown is not an appropriate outfit for preschool, the park, or any other activity she has scheduled for the day, we end up in full blown melt down mode. For those of you who have been there- you know exactly how this plays out!

 So the question remains how does a parent balance the need for practicality with a toddler’s desire to exhibit independence and make his or her own choices on what to wear? In my house, we compromise.

 There are some days I indulge my daughter. I allow her to pick her entire outfit- shoes, dress, and hair accessories. (These are obviously days where we will be in hiding- insider tip- this is a great rainy day activity!) We refer to these days as “Special Dress Up Days.” She’s allowed to change as many times as her heart desires. You want to wear a hot pink dress, purple shoes and an orange headband? No problem! Even though the children clothing store owner that lives inside my psyche is having a nervous breakdown, I allow her to exhibit her independence on these special days.

Every other day that is not “Special Dress Up Day” mommy makes the choices. I try to keep her preferences in mind when I pick cute, comfortable and practical clothes for her. Also, I give her two different options and allow her to choose which outfit she would like to wear. This works because even though it’s not a closet free for all, my daughter still has a sense of independence because she is choosing from two different outfits. Everybody wins!

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