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Hop To It! LT Approved Easter Activities!


Easter is a great time to start new traditions with your little ones and a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Outside of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt we found so many unique ideas for activities and crafts to do with your children.   Here are some of our favorites:

1. Sometimes too much chocolate and candy can be a recipe for disaster! Rather then filling up your Easter basket with the traditional chocolate and candy try picking a fun alternative theme.  If your tot is into Superheroes the Easter Bunny can bring a Spider Man themed basket with fun stamps, coloring books and stickers.  Or for the Art Lover create a basket with crayons, paint, paint -brushes, colored pencils and construction paper.  Stop by your local dollar store for great inexpensive options. The Easter Bunny can come up with a new theme each year!

2. Challenge your little ones with a fun filled Easter morning scavenger hunt! Leave a note signed by the Easter Bunny on your child’s pillow with the first clue.  Hide creative clues that navigate the kids around the house and backyard collecting little prizes. With a final clue, lead the participants to his or her Easter Basket!  

3. For younger kids, plan an Easter themed puppet show.  You can go all out creating a stage out of a moving box, and making adorable little puppets that will be the stars of the show.  Involve the kids in helping plan the show, make the puppets, and even writing the script and storyline.  There are so many easy ways to make puppets using items you can find around your house: felt, a sock, a paper bag, or even a toilet roll.  Here are some links for some cool puppet making tutorials:


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