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Kids Fashion Trends: Geek Chic

August 04, 2014

One of our current favorite kids fashion trends is Geek Chic! So what exactly is Geek 
Chic? Geek Chic is clothing or accessories that are very geeky/nerdy and yet, at the 
same time, says “I'm cool because I'm proud of the fact that I'm a nerd, and am not 
afraid to dress the part.” What could be more trendsetting than that? We love it! 
Here are some of our favorite Geek Chic pieces just in time for Back to School 
Spectacles- a great pair of thick spectacles will make any outfit instantly cooler! If 
your Little Trendsetter wears prescription glasses, update them with a cool pair of 
thick- rimmed spectacles. Or grab a pair of glass spectacles to get the look without 
the prescription. We love these kids fashion trends spectacles because they are available in so many cool 
Bow Ties- take a classic “geek” piece like a bow tie and make it chic by 
incorporating an edgier print. We love this Urban Sunday classic bow tie with skull 
print. It’s the perfect blend of geek and chic! Check out these kids fashion trends.
Plaid- nothing says geek like plaid! We love all things plaid for the fall season. 
One of our favorites is the schoolgirl dress with a classic plaid skirt. (COMING SOON IN THE FALL COLLECTION)
For our boys we love kids fashion trends like
Urban Sunday Williamsburg Tie the perfect accessory to make any outfit instantly geek chic! 
Happy Shopping! 

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