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LT's Survival Guide to Staying Indoors

December 05, 2014

Us moms know how hard it could be to occupy a toddler's time during the cold winter days when you are forced to stay indoors.  Sure we all have TV's and iPads but we don't want our kids obsessed with those either!

For the last two years I have been home with my two kids... we have our play dates and other activities but there is always that feeling of what do we do when we are at home??  I've gathered some ideas that I found and tried and thought you'd like to hear how little trendsetters across the nation prevent boredom!!  

Here are my 5 favorite at-home activities for toddlers that are easy to prepare and great time killers!!


1.  Indoor Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

I'll start with my favorite!! Use masking tape to attach rectangular pieces of bubble wrap to the floor and watch them laugh away as they hop through the rectangles.

Learn more at Noosh Kids

2.  Fruit Loops Necklace

Easy and fun!  Combine snack time with craft time with this necklace idea!

Learn more at Hill Yeah

3.  Peeling Tape

My little one did this for hours!! Stick tape to a table and watch them try to peel it!!


4. The Matching Game

Took a little time to set up but can be re-used over and over again :)  Find random objects from around the house and trace them onto a piece of thick paper.  Place the objects in a bowl and let your toddler try to match up the object to the shape!  Shape matching is great for development and you can do this anywhere!


5.  I-Spy Jar

This one is more of a "make it together" kind of game.  I was surprised to see how happy my little one was to make this herself and keep it!


Learn more at The Joy of My Life


Hope you have fun and most importantly PASS time with some of these ideas this winter, feel free to comment and share which activity you tried and how it went :)




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