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5 Unique ways to Spring Clean with White Vinegar

More than ever we've all used LOTS OF vinegar since having children- whether it be to descale our devices, freshen up some smelly areas after a blowout or even to cook we've all used our fair share.  We're about to share some other uses for this inexpensive and staple item in our cabinet that just may make your spring cleaning a little more fun.  After all why spend so much money on expensive cleaning products filled with harmful chemicals when you have the most powerful and chemical free product under your nose (literally). 

1. Clean dirt off your computers, their peripherals, and your mouse using this magical product.  Make sure all your devices are powered off before going at it with a 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water mixture and a washcloth.  Use a Q-tip for the small spaces like in between the keys on your keyboard.







2. Do you also have a budding young artist at home showing off his/her creativity with a ballpoint pen on your new sofa?? Don't panic, instead use some full-strength vinegar on a washcloth and rub away at it.

3. Mini blinds or venetians are major dust collectors and need a good cleaning every once in awhile.  Mix up a 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water solution, throw on a white cotton glove, dip your hand in and then slide your fingers along both sides on the slat. Prepare to "wow" yourself.


4. Splash some vinegar in your toilet bowl to keep it looking fresh, this little trick also prevents water marks from forming.

5. Last but not least leave your house smelling fresh and clean while cooking by putting a small bowl of vinegar in the kitchen.  You'll be surprised how much this helps keep the smell out of the rest of the house.

As always Little Trendsetter hopes to bring a unique, valuable tid bit of information to your life while making it easy and simple to integrate into a mom's busy lifestyle.....Hope you enjoyed this as much as us!



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