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School's Out- Top 10 things to do with your kids this summer!

July 08, 2013

It's that time of year again...School's out for the summer and many parents are left wondering how to fill those long days and nights.  No matter how much kids love summer vacation, it's inevitable that the "I'm bored" complaints will soon begin. Here are some tips to bond with your Little Trendsetter and curb the boredom: 


1.    Water Balloon Fun- Nothing says summer like water balloons! Beat the heat with a fun game of water balloon football or volleyball.  If you're feeling more adventurous try a game of water balloon dodge ball- sure to provide hours of fun! 

2.    Host a Neighborhood Lemonade Stand- A lemonade stand is a great way to teach your kids a valuable lesson in responsibility and meet other kids in the neighborhood.  Check out this adorable pink lemonade stand for style inspiration:   

3.    Backyard Camp-out- Can't make it to the woods this year? Bring the woods home by turning your back yard into a campsite.  Put up a tent, grab a sleeping bag, and get ready to make some delicious Smores.  This will definitely be a highlight of the summer! Shopping Tip: These Ultimate Sweatpants are the perfect way to keep warm and comfy during your camp-out. 

4.    Sidewalk Chalk- An oldie but a goodie! You'll be surprised by how many hours can be spent with a sidewalk and some chalk! Play one of the classic games like four square, tic- tac- toe or hang man or let your little one express himself artistically by creating a masterpiece on your driveway. For a new twist on a classic, make liquid sidewalk chalk. All you do is mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of cornstarch. Then pour it into muffin tins or small cups. Next, add food coloring to make the colors you would like. Guaranteed to provide hours of fun! Shopping Tip: Don’t forget to protect your little ones eyes from those summer UV rays with some hip sunglasses.  Check out The Wayfarer Sunglasses or The Aviators for the perfect look.   

5.    Scavenger Hunt- Plan a nature scavenger hunt in a local park or your backyard.  Prepare a list of items for your kids to find such as a beautiful rock, something green, a leaf, or a pine cone.  You'll be impressed with how observant your little ones can be when put to a challenge.  Find out more details on how to plan the perfect nature scavenger hunt here:   

6.    Plant a Beginners Garden- Growing a garden with your child is a great way to connect to nature and help build an appreciation for the food we eat. Your kids can work on this long-term project the entire summer and will love seeing the fruits of their labor. Pick up some fabulous gardening accessories here: (  Shopping Tip: Don’t forget to add the stylish and waterproof Gardener shoes for your gardener in training.

7.    Go to a Museum or Zoo- A visit to the zoo is the perfect destination for outdoor nature discovery, animal adventures and fun! On the scorching hot days, visit your local museum for cultural discovery and to inspire the imagination of your young ones.  

8.    Visit the fire station- Take a visit to your local fire station where fire fighters will let them sit in their big fire engines and load them up with stickers, coloring books and more. As an added bonus kids can also get a valuable lesson on fire safety!

9.    Bubble Party- Kids love bubbles! There's nothing like a bubble party for hours of fun. Try simple contests: Who can blow the biggest bubble, or create the most bubbles with one breath? Also, set out some big soap-and-water tubs with giant bubble-making wands for the kids to create bubble shapes outside. You also can make "bubble art" adding food coloring to bubble solutions and letting kids blow the bubbles on to white paper for a multicolored popped-bubble effect. Hours of fun!

10.Visit Your Local Library- Go to your local library once every week or two and get as many books on nature: trees, flowers, insects, backyard treasures as you can then look for those items in your yard. Maybe even start a scrapbook with those treasures. Or pick up several books (that the kids help choose) and read, read, READ! Some libraries also have a story-time or other activity that is free and fun that will inspire any age. 


Don’t forget to visit for all of the clothing and accessories your kids will need to beat the heat this summer. 


Happy Shopping!



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